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De Leonberger

The Leonberger is a Giant, noble, powerful yet gentle breed.

slapende honden

These wonderful big, soft family dogs are known for their stability. Even though they are huge dogs, in the house they go almost unnoticed.
They usually have a favourite spot where they drop themselves with a huge thudddddd

Watch dogs

Leonbergers can be excellent watchdogs, but lack the tendency to bark excessively and only with reason, usually because they are exited to greet visitors.

And although they love to go everywhere you go, they don’t give much problems staying alone for a while.

When we noticed that Caleb was sensitive for substances in kibble (grains and pork) we started researching how to make a good nutricious homemade meal taking in account the substances a (large) dog needs.

This is the way I feed mydogs

Recipe :

2,5 kg dry rice cooked with:
2 kg veggies,
500 gram liver or white fish
nettle if available or else Iceland kelp
( good for digestion coat, pigment and bones)
200 gram potatoes (bio).
I cook this and before cooling off I mix.
200 ml oil ( fish or lineseed )
700 gram sardines (tinned)
I freeze this in proportions and feed per adult dog:

In the evening:
500 grams together with
500 grams green tripe or meat
1 tablespoon raspberry juice,
1 theespoon of bone pulver or egg shell pulver

In the morning:
approx. 300 grams of chicken necks

In the afternoon:
250ml Kefir

Twice a week:
hardboiled egg, a raw bone and of course fruit also from from time to time a raw seafish or chicken carcass

Since I feed my dogs this way, no growing pains have occured.

Do not exercise your dog extensively before and after feeding , large dogs are more vulnerable to bloat!

If you want to read more about this magnificent breed please visit the official website of the Leonberger Union: