rainbow bridge Domus Corona
Rainbow bridge

Grieve not nor speak of me with tears
but laugh and talk of me
as if i were beside you
'twas heaven here with you

Isla Paschal Richardson

Duke 08 Apr 1991 - 17 Mar 2000

Duke 3 months
Duke on the beach
Duke 8 years

Duke was our first Leonberger, a lovable, good natured gentle giant. He died of heart failure at the age of almost nine years

"Duchess April Zaricke Udoli "Dutchy" 26 Dec 2002 - 19 Nov 2003

Duches 2 days
Duches 9,5 Moths
Duches 2 days befor she died

Our “baby”, who was born in the Czech Republic on the 26th of December 2002.
Died of Renal Dysplasia, a Juvenile Renal Failure, at the age of only 11 months.
She was such a happy, bouncy young dog and has left an awfull empty space in our home!

Timba Mrtve Rameno "Timba" DOB 03 May 2004 - 12 Sep 2010

Timba 4 weeks
Timba 2 years
Timba op schoot

Our wee girl from the Slovak republic weighed only 5 kg at 8 weeks old, but was a feist little girl.
She grew up to be a large girl with the sweetest temperament ever. Loved to be hugged and would stand in front of you shaking her head asking for a cuddle.
Sadly she had severe dysplasia and was on painkillers the last couple of months of her life. It became acute after a wrong movement and we had no other choice than to set her free from the excruciating pain. She went to sleep forever on her favourite couch.

Caleb 8 weeks
Caleb op de hei
Caleb met pups

Our Caleb always happy and gentle natured, was a wonderful father for his pups and later for those of others . He loved getting attention himself and earned the name leanonberger Maar listened very well too to our enough is enough. He would never pinch any food except French cheese, his all time favourite treat.
He really started getting old these last months and after surviving 2 stomach torsions last year we were relieved that he left us peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by "his" girls who were sleeping next to him

Adora Domus Corona "Doortje" 10 Sep 2004 - 20 Aug 2011

Doortje 4 months
Doortje zit
Doortje 6 years

Our sweet, clever, brave & proud Doortje died at the age of almost 7 years peacefully in my arms. We knew for some weeks that this day would come soon because she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her left front leg . We noticed that even the large dosis of pain medication wasn’t enough anymore and we made that oh so hard decision to let her go in peace. Doortje was LPN1 effected and symptoms of paralysis started showing when she was 1 year old. She was such a clever girl and adapted very well to her handicaps, one of them being a paralysed tongue so a tie back was not possible. She enjoyed, life the way it was for her, regardless its limitations. Doortje saw it as her duty to keep the eyes and ears of the other dogs clean ,but her happiest moments were when there were puppies around. It is extra sour that not the Polyneuropathy was fatal, but Osteosarcoma . We will miss our special girl forever.

Babsi Leo v. Vogelhof "Babousch" 4 Jan 2001 - 29 May 2012

Babousch 5 year
Babousch 11 year
Babousch net geworpen

Mom of our A & B litter and headmistress of our pack for years, very attached to her beloved Caleb who went ahead of her a little over a year before her, she really grieved over his death as she also did over that of her daughter Doortje last August. Both times prednisone was needed to lift her out of her depression. We miss her dearly , but at the same time realize how lucky we are to have had her in our lives for almost 11.5 years. Goodby sweet Babousch

Foundation bitch of our current line, Kissy was a tall, friendly and also very active girl. She could run like the wind and loved chasing hares.
Without ever being a day sick in her life she very suddenly of, what we believe, to have been an aneurysm.

Caela Laelia Domus Corona "Laela" 5 Nov 2006 - 2 Feb 2016

Laela als pup
Laela liggend voorgrond
Laela 2013

Laela loved attention and stood first in line to be cuddled by young and old. She was mom of our E litter and grandmother of Muni’s kids.
Died peacefully in her sleep in her favourite spot in front of the door.

Dara v. Nonnenwald "Isha"12-03-2011 - 14-6-2017

Isha april 2014
Isha may 2014
Isha summer coat

Isha came to live with us at 3 years old. Due to circumstances her former owner had lacked the time to properly socialize her and therefore shy towards strangers. She is a wonderful caring mum and by carefully monitoring that her shyness wasn't transmitted to her pups, they all have lovely , outgoing temperaments. We are very sad to have only had her for 3 years. A few days after her 2nd mating bonecancer was diagnosed and we terminated her pregnancy She lived pain free for another 5 months, but when she tore her ankle ligament and couldn’t get up anymore on her own, we let her go peacefully at home.