our leo Domus Corona

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Dionysia Domus Corona "Diona"  DOB: 2-11-2008

(LPN1 clear HD A eyes clear of cataract/entropion & ectropion)

Diona 4 maanden
Diona 3 jaar
Diona and Fred

Our soft hearted big lady, kind to all creatures big and small, has given us 2 wonderful litters. She is enjoying her wel-deserved retirement.

Gratia Gina Domus Corona "Gigi"  DOB: 29-9-2011

(LPN1, LPN2 & LEMP clear, HD C, Eyes clear of cataract/entropion & ectropion)

Gigi 10 weken
Gigi 10 maanden
Gigi 1 jaar

Gigi is the most vigilant of the pack. She loves to keep an eye on everything happening outside. She mom of our K litter, all strong big dogs with a wonderful temperament.

Jessamine Juno Domus Corona "Juno" DOB 01-05-2015

(LPN1, LPN2 &LEMP clear, HD A, Eyes clear of cataract/entropion & ectropion)

Juno is our youngest, she 's frolicsome, curious and loves to cuddle. She’s our only one who fetches!
She is mom of our L litter, born in 2018 and proved to be a great mother, not only caring for them but also playing and educating them until they leave for their new homes.