j litter Domus Corona

Our J litter was born on 1 May 2015.
4 males and 1 female.

Our “Aischa” en Sebastian (from our C litter) are the parents.

This litter will have an inbreeding percentage (COI) of 3.17% calculated over 10 generations and 25.19% over all 38 generations.
Sebastian is from my C litter and has 3 generations HD A. He has developed into a gorgeous soft tempered dog and lives at the Leodania kennel.
Although over 8 years old still very playful and active.

Callistus Sebastian "Sebastian"

callistus sebastian

HD A ED O LPN1 & 2 N/N clear/approved Stud Denmark

Dara v. Nonnenwald "Aischa"

dara v. nonnenwald

HD C - LPN1 & 2 clear/approved for Breeding (FSK)

To see the litter pedigree 7 generations click here

Janus Daemon Domus Corona ”Caesar”
( HD A ) lives here in Holland.

Jager Best junior 2016

Jemineus Joppus Domus Corona "Jäger"
( HD ANKC 4:6 ED 1:1 ) lives in New Zealand at the lyonzred kennel.

Junior Sebastian Domus Corona “Jerry”
( HD A ) lives here in Holland.

Jodocus Jester Domus Corona “JJ”
( HD A ) Lives here in Holland

Juno 19 months

Jessamine Juno Domus Corona “Juno”
( HD A ) lives her with us.

J litter 4 weeks

J litter 4 weeks old

Luus with litter

Luus with j litter

Ceasar and Juno