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Our G Litter was born on 29 September 2011: 5 males & 2 females. Sire is Bono Psia Psota and dam is our Diona.
Bono has a lovely temperament, lives in Poland and is kept and loved as a family dog. I like his pedigree, which doesn t have some of the oh so familiar dogs that appear in most pedigrees and he is the same type as Diona, so we hope the pups will grow up to be like their parents!
This litter has an inbreeding percentage (COI) of 4.15% calculated over 10 generations and 25.82% over all 38 generations.
You can view the pups pedigrees here: G litter

Bono Psia Psota


Bone and Diona

Bono & Diona



Dutch 1 year

Gavius Gentius "Dutch"

lives in Pennsylvania USA

Gabi nov 2012

Gloriana "Gabi"

lives in Conneticut USA

Gunner 2015

Germanicus "Gunnar"

died 30-9-2016, tumor around intestins

Taz snow earrings

Gregorius "Taz"

PTS due to temperment issues towards other dogs

Samson head 2013

Giganius "Samson"

lives in Florida USA

Gigi 1 year

Gratia Gina "Gigi"

lives with us

Boris 15-10-2012

Griffinus "Boris"(formerly called "Goofy")

lives in Holland