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D litter born on 2 november 2008
Nagybobanya Vilagbajnok Becsi Kisiklik x Jadoble Zoef Zoef Toeter
We chose the strong boned, dark stud "Toeter" because we think he compliments Kissy very well!
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Kissy 6 year

Nagybobanya Vilagbajnok Becsi Kisiklik (LPN1 N/N)

Toeter for breeding

Jadoble Zoef Zoef Toeter

Grizzly 2 year

Daedelus "Grizzly"

Died 13 April 2017 due to complications after stomach torsion

Caja J_H_dag

Dulcinea "Caja"

Died 2 May 2017 of tumors spleen & liver

Balou 3 years

Douracus "Balou"

Died 6-10- 2017 cancer spleen

Muffin 20 maanden

Damala "Muffin"

lives in Beltrum

Rusty hoofd 18 maanden

Dorus Dominicus "Rusty"

Died May 2017 of cancer nostril.

Delicia 2 year


Died 17-4-2015 of osteosarcoma

Diona met pups

Dionysia "Diona"

lives with us and is mother of our G & H Litter LPN1 N/N clear

Toque december 2011

Donatorus "Toque"

Died 16-12-2017 of Hemangiosarcoma (shoulder)