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M litter born 16 March 2020

6 males & 2 females

We chose this combination because they both have a great temperament, together they give a low inbreeding percentage and complement each other on various points.

Together they have a low inbreeding percentage (COI) of 4.13% calculated over 10 generations and 27.35% over all 40 generations. Trial Ped
Both have hipscore A, eyes clear of hereditary diseases and tested LPN1,2 & LEMP clear.
They also both contribute to the genetic diversity of our breed, both fall into the so-called green zone (least related to the population), so their puppies also fall into the “green” zone and have a Mean Kinship value of around 30.59 % For more explanation see Video

Kasparus Domus Corona "Dodge"

(LPN1,LPN2 & LEMP vrij, HD A )

Jessamine Juno Domus Corona "Juno"

(LPN1,LPN2 & LEMP vrij, HD A )

Our goal:

healthy leonbergers, with good characters and the standard of the Leonberger as an example.We breed according to the rules of the Dutch Leonberger Club:
All our dogs are tested for LPN1 & LPN2, which causes polyneuropathy in 1/3 of the leonbergers that have symptoms and is the most severe form of early onset polyneuropathy. All too well I know what it means to have a dog suffer from this disease. In my A litter 4 pups were affected en since then I have committed myself in convincing other owners and breeders to participate in the research of this disease. Since July 2010 there is an DNA test available and the research Universities, as well as the international Leonberger Union, strongly advise to test all leo's in breeding for this LPN1 & LPN2. It is highly advisable that you, as a puppybuyer, ask about the LPN1 & LPN2 status of the parents of your future puppy. For LPN1 at least 1 of the parents must be N/N (clear) and the other no more than D/N (carrier), for LPN2 both parents must be N/N (clear)!

By avoiding inbreeding as much as possible and by gathering as much information as we can about the health and temperaments of ancestors and relatives we strive for healthy pups with a sound temperaments.

pup tegen buik
Pup and horse

Puppies are born and raised in our home, socializing them before they leave for their new homes is one of our priorities.
When the pups are 3 weeks old we welcome visitors. we let the pups make aquaintance with all kinds of farm animals at the kids zoo and visit the village center , so they also get used to car rides.

Starting at 3 weeks old pups get used to the taste of a variety of fresh food like, beef, seafish, tripe, chicken-necks, raw bones, veggies, fruits, cooked oatmeal etc.

pup met vlees
pups in badje
pups met fred de poes
pups op plein
pup met speeltje
pups rennen naar de wei
pup bij kalf
pup tussen kinderen
Pup op markt met kind