About us Domus Corona
about us

We live in the forelands of the river IJssel, scattered around us are a couple of dairy farms and together we are part of the estate Middachten.
There is a variety of wildlife, to name a few: wild geese, buzzards, deer, foxes, hares, rabbits and the occasional badger, they are protected under law and hunting is forbidden.

Therefore our leo's fit in very well, they lack the tendency to hunt down animals, well..maybe a short chase

Honden voor het hek
Wilma op ouri
Honden en Bibi in de wei
Bibi en Laelia spelen
Wilma walking with the dogs
Ben with dos playing

They live with us in our home and can usually walk in and outdoors whenever they want, if weather permits.
They love greeting visitors with great enthusiasm……… friend nor foe get in unnoticed.